Closing With Some Suspense

As I began my last week at Comcast-Spectacor, my expectations were relatively low in terms of the work I would be completed or the overall experience I would have in my last hours. After all, what unpaid intern would expect something out of the norm in their final days of employment?

Little did I, or any employees at Comcast-Spectacor for that matter, know that the President and Chief Operating Officer was going to resign from his position. What started out as a normal Monday quickly escalated to a frenzy of misunderstanding when news broke that Peter Luukko had resigned. Shortly after we received the information word of mouth, we received an email from the Chairman and Founder of the company, Ed Snider. He explained that it is with great sadness, the company was saying goodbye to a twenty-five year partner and significant builder in the success of the growing Comcast-Spectacor.

snider luukko

Above: Luukko (Left) with Chairman, Ed Snider (Right)

Mr. Snider thanked Mr. Luukko but also introduced the man who is going to take over the responsibilities as the acting CEO. I, along with my co-workers were all puzzled as to why Peter Luukko resigned but I was personally more impressed with the speed at which the company turned around to replace the person holding the most responsibility (except for the Chairman, Ed Snider, of course). In experiencing this hectic day first-hand, I learned that these business giants do not mess around. If there is a key piece of the puzzle missing, no time can be spent waiting to fill it.


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