My name is Dominique Evans and I am sadly wrapping up my time here as a content creation intern at Cohere agency, but it has been an amazing run. I went in to this agency not knowing much about content creation, but knew it was exciting and could put my creativity to use in a different way. I work under Marissa Le who is the content strategist at the agency and she has been amazing. She has let me run my own shoots for social media, and gives me so much freedom so that I can get a feel for the business. There was never a dull moment working under her because I was constantly getting to do projects, which totally beat the stereotype of interns just running to get coffee. The entire team at Cohere is fantastic, they were supportive and friendly and not once did I feel like an intern. For the most part, I felt like I was an actual employee because of the way I was treated and all of the amazing projects on which I was working.

Cohere is an agency that mostly has focus towards hospitality, which means we work with a lot of awesome restaurants in the city! Having upscale, and hip restaurants as clients are so much fun, because food is such an exciting topic. Each restaurant has its own unique identity, like my favorite, HipCityVeg, which is a vegan fast casual restaurant in Philadelphia and Washington D.C. I love creating content and writing social posts for HipCityVeg, because I get to be really creative with the brand voice and social pages.

I gained so much knowledge form this internship that will help me become a better creative for the future. I learned how to run social audits, use Hootsuite, write compelling social posts, create exciting content, and how to interact with consumers. I also learned how much I love small agencies because you get to interact with everyone and don’t have to wait days just to hear back from someone. Cohere has taught me so much, and if I wasn’t graduating I would definitely do it all over again.

Below are some photos I took of the office for our website, enjoy!