Creative Assistant for Xander Fotos

For the past three months, I have been a creative assistant for Xander Fotos by Jared Alexander. Jared is a photographer and cinematographer with a primary focus on visual branding and editorial content. From leading diverse teams to building dynamic brands, products, and campaigns, Jared aims to elevate the visual narrative of his clients while remaining respectful of the uniqueness of the brand. Select Credits, Clients, and Features:  Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, L’Oréal, Dazed Magazine, Gap, Marli New York, Peerspace, Victor Glemaud, Lee Jeans, YOOX, African Pride, Darling USA, Carol’s Daughter, GoPuff

My role as a creative assistant has been to help him with his overall brand image; from creating new content for his social media accounts to helping him revamp his entire studio, I have been there to help every step of the way. Most recently we took a trip to a local plant shop and record store to add some more life into the space and it did just that. The image above shows us organizing some records and those pops of color really brought everything together. We are currently looking for new furniture so that will be our next hunt. 

My overall experience with working with him has allowed me to expand my creativity as well as given me an outlet to express new ideas and projects that I have in mind. Working with him has allowed me to test new ideas for photo shoots, types of media content, and even my interior decorating skills. It’s just a very open and collaborative environment that I’m truly appreciative to have. Starting off as a fashion model to being a creative assistant for him has reminded me to utilize the resources I already have at my disposal to grow further in the fields I’m most passionate about. If I never reached out and brought up the idea to intern I could have missed a very cool opportunity. 

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