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My name is Tim and I work at Allen & Gerritsen as an intern with the Creative team.

My name is Tim and I work at Allen & Gerritsen as an intern with the Creative team. When it comes to making things, whether video or by hand – I’ve done it all my life. I’ve been making videos and taking pictures for close to ten years now (wedding, concert, lifestyle, etc.) and figured advertising would be a decent match for my skill set.

This experience has taught me (so far) more than I could have imagined. Being able to work with various clients on multiple campaigns, sit in on meetings, work with the creative team to create content, conduct plenty of strategic creative research, and so much more – it’s all giving me a very well rounded experience as an intern. When it comes to a particular specialty within the field, there isn’t exactly anything that I’m more determined to pursue – but I’m still very early on in my internship. The aspects of the business that I’ve discovered through my work at A&G is all of the strategic work that goes into creating well rounded campaigns. I’ve met multiple people at the company who inspire me in various ways; they’re an extremely fun, serious, and hard working group of people and it’s been such a pleasure to be able to work with them everyday. I’m only about two weeks in, but so far this internship has definitely exceeded my expectations; everyday is a new experience. It differed from my original expectations because I feel as if I’m legitimately an employee at A&G not an intern. Specific things I’ve gained from this experience range from knowledge within creative such as UX design all the way to the importance of the client/agency relationship and everything that goes on upstairs with the BL/Project Managers/Media/etc.


  1. Hi Tim! Your experience at A&G sounds awesome so far! It’s great that you’ve been able to learn more about the important role that strategy plays in campaigns and creative work. As a creative, I’ll admit it took me a while to understand the necessity of strategy, but as an integral piece that drives creative ideas, I have a much better appreciation for it now! It sounds like you’re learning a ton, and it’s great that you’re being treated like an employee. Hope you enjoy the rest of your experience this summer!

  2. Hey Tim! It seems like you were really enjoying the first few weeks of your internship, and that’s great! I know that many interns find the first couple of weeks stressful and intimidating, so it’s awesome that your driven perspective and A&G’s environment motivated and inspired you when you first started. I’m interested in reading about how the rest of your time there was. Being a new creative in a professional setting is no easy task, and most of us, creatives, have scattered thoughts and ways of working–it’s great that you learned the importance of strategy as a way to funnel everything together and work for specific strategies. Awesome job!

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