CRED Mag is looking for Creative Submissions!


CRED is a new arts and culture magazine focused on the youth of Philadelphia. By submitting your artwork, stories, and projects to the Magazine, will promote yourself and help you get noticed in the art scene of Philadelphia. The Magazine is released three times a year: December 2011, April 2012, and August 2012, so get your stuff in now!

Visit the CRED Magazine’s Website by clicking here

There are three parts to the magazine:

The portfolio– a submission-based collection of visual and performing art that is created, documented, and curated by youth.

Street Cred– The Youth of Philly’s view on the people, places, and happening of Philadelphia.

For Good– Where you can pitch your exciting creative ideas to help find producers

What do I submit?

For the Portfolio-Visual Art, Photography, Creative Essays, Documentation of Performing Arts, Poetry,

For Street Cred– Ideas (Pitches) for journalistic stories

For Good-Unique Project Ideas in need of support

What are the Deadlines?

To contribute to the Portfolio- October 14

Street Cred- September 30th

For Good- October 14

How do I submit  my work?

Go the website by clicking on the link below, you can download a submission form, and upload your submission.

CRED’s Website


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