Crossing the line? Gay dating ad banned by CBS

I recently came across a banned Superbowl advertisement for, a website where gay males can interact. This commercial definitely catches you off guard, makes you laugh, and shocks you a bit. CBS apparently thought the ad was too risky to run, and stated it “is not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday.” When the commercial begins, it is two men sitting on a couch watching football. Then, when their hands touch suddenly in the chip bowl, they look at each other and start making out. Completely unexpected, and very funny. The main issue at stake was that it featured two men kissing. Some people argued that it was unfair because they show a man and a woman kissing all the time on TV. Why couldn’t they show two men? Take a look at this ad, what does it make you think? Do you like it, and think it should have aired? Or do you side with CBS? banned ad

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