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Hi, my name is Ashley and I am about to be a Temple grad this August! I was fortunate enough to discover a paid graphic design internship at Iperdesign in the beautiful Olde City. My initial reaction towards beginning this internship was that I would get a lot of exciting pieces to add to my portfolio, but I was wrong. When working for real clients in an advertising agency, there are a lot of trials, many meetings, and several executions that go into finalizing a campaign or a rebrand. I quickly realized as a design intern, my part is very exciting, but also only one small segment of a much larger whole. Especially when the agency is focused on three projects at a time, it can take months to see a project complete full circle. So some advice that I’d like to offer any design interns out there that are expecting a bunch of new work to add to their online portfolios: There are many legal issues that will need to be cleared until you have the rights to show off all of the fun work you got to create. Clients that are becoming rebranded are just excited as you are, but designers do not have the legal rights to publish any of the work that they completed until the agency says so.

iper This is the agency logo.

This is where I get to eat my peanut butter and banana sandwiches during my lunch break:


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