Design Love Fest


Design Love Fest  is one of those blogs I  check daily, and have found that the designer Bri Emery can be found pretty much EVERYWHERE in the blog world. She is somehow connected to most of my favorite blogs, which you will probably hear about most of them right here on AdLib.

“Designlovefest was created in 2009 out of Bri’s own obsession with type and images, and is, in fact, where the two go to totally make out.  DLF rapidly became a daily read for over ten thousand people, thanks to Bri’s exquisitely curated layouts featuring bright colors and fabulous design, mixed with witty typography and a flair for the unexpected.”

The blog offers inspiration in fashion, design, & cooking. There is even some career advice!  It’s a great place for a little ‘pick me up’ if your feeling uninspired!

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