Digital Component

While interning at W Magazine I have strengthened pre-existing workplace skills, developed a thorough understanding of the editorial process and learned about the overall functioning of a magazine. I have also learned that while the magazine industry is a profitable and long-lived one, there absolutely is a need for a strong on-line component. In order to connect with the younger generations to continue to gain readership an updated daily blog or website is crucial.

A blog or website does have the power to replace a magazine nor does it negate its presence on newsstands. An online component simply fills in the gaps monthly magazines miss on a daily basis and the Editor’s Blog on the W Magazine site does just that. At W I have learned the basics of what really should go into a supplementary blog site to a print magazine. It gives the reader a behind the scenes look at fashion shows, shoots, interviews and what to expect on newsstands. It also provides editors weekly ready-to-wear, accessory, and beauty picks.

Whichever media outlet a company belongs to, whether magazine, TV, newspaper, or radio a digital supplementary component is necessary to keep up in the digital age. The Editor’s Blog on W Magazine’s site is growing and it shows. In a world of iPads and iPhones it’s crucial that print walk hand in hand with digital.

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