My name is Freddie McNamara and I am a senior at Temple University, majoring in Advertising with a concentration in Account Management. This semester, I have the pleasure of interning at Tierney – a full-service communications agency – headquartered in Philadelphia.

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As a media intern, I work directly with the media department to create media plans for new campaigns, set up social media campaigns, analyze campaign performance, and provide recommendations for clients. After spending the past couple of months at Tierney, my passion for digital analytics has been reinvigorated as I have the opportunity to complete a weekly report for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s program – Blue365. I have always been interested in how data can be used to aid decision making as it provides valuable insights. Luckily, Tierney offered me the opportunity to delve deeper into data analysis by completing a weekly report for Blu365 each week. By analyzing data from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google, I am able to answer questions such as:

  • To which creative (image in an ad) is our target audience responding best?
  • Which platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google) are garnering the most traffic?
  • On which devices (cell phones, tablets, laptops) are people viewing the ads?
  • Which creatives led to the most conversions?

It is always interesting to see how different audiences respond to different campaigns and ads. With my experience of working with data at Tierney, I am determined to pursue a career in digital analytics. This experience has taught me how to look at numbers in a way that goes beyond dollar signs and percentages. By understanding the relationship between different data points, valuable insights can emerge. I am eager to soak up as much knowledge as I can for the remainder of my time at Tierney, and I am grateful for all of the experience it has offered me.