Discovering Value and Passion in Data

If you're struggling with finding passion at your internship, give it time! You just might find a passion that you never knew you had.

PRA Health Sciences’ Strategic Marketing Department, the greater business operation, and ultimately the innovative clinical development that the CRO organization strives to push forward, is driven not only by valuable data from patients participating in clinical trials and potential candidates engaging with PRA’s sponsored content, but also the people who are able to interpret that valuable data and say, “so what?”.  In the digital age of business, it has become an industry standard to collect massive amounts of data, on the people that interact with your business, on those that your business practice affects,  but the collection of that data does not bring value to your organization unless you can ask that “so what?” question, and employ capable people to pull insights from that data.  As a Strategic Marketing intern at PRA Health Sciences, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to apply my experience with digital analytics and reporting to say “so what?”, visualize value in massive pools of data, and extract key insights that intended to drive marketing strategy and clinical development forward.  After exploring many aspects of marketing operation over the course of my internship at PRA Health Sciences, I have landed on this new passion, one I found in data analysis.  This discovery reaffirmed my career goals in digital marketing and has allowed me to embrace a niche within the field that I truly appreciate.

If you’re struggling with finding passion at your internship, give it time!  Try and step out of your comfort zone and explore new aspects of the position you’re in, ask your supervisor to get involved with something else that the business unit is involved in.  The best part of being in the advertising field is that there are so many aspects of operation that you can explore, each one just as interesting and valuable as the last.  If you try something new at your internship, and apply the creative and critical-thinking mind that you possess as an advertising major, or whatever field you’re in, to bring value to your organization, you just might find a passion that you never knew you had!

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