Doing little things well is a step towards doing big things better.

As my first internship comes to an end at Fame House LLC, I can say in very strong confidence that my experience has been nothing but inspiring. As a very small company, Fame House holds their own with larger companies because of their dedication and love for what they do.

One specific thing that always stood out to me through this experience is how doing little things well is a step towards doing big things better. In a start-up company, this saying is something that always must constantly be in mind. Everything that is being done is for the big picture. Though some tasks may be tedious it contributes to the success as a whole.

Another specific thing that really taught me a great deal is the importance of organization and communication in a company. Without these two key factors, a business can only succeed and improve for so long. Since Fame House is smaller company, communication amongst employees are always at an all time high. The communication leads to greater success because this is how their business strategies excel. By creating an environment where employees are encouraged to collaborate creates a much stronger work ethic amongst the company.

Organization plays a great deal with the success of a smaller company as well. Since there are not many employees, each person must take on many tasks and keep track of everything on a very strict timeline. With so many different clients and so many different tasks that have to get accomplished, smaller things can be overlooked very easily. As an intern, I was sometimes responsible for these smaller tasks but this still did not make them any less important. It just reminds me more that doing little things well is always a step towards doing big things better.

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