Don’t Call It The SAC

Hey, everyone! It’s your friendly neighborhood Student Center Marketing Intern, Kelly, reporting for duty!

Wait– Student Center? As in your internship takes place right on Temple’s campus?

Yes, it does! I’m livin’ the dream. After spending my sophomore and junior years on the front line (manning the Information Desk, that is), I was presented the opportunity to take over the Marketing & Web Intern position within Student Center Operations.

Already familiar with the inter-workings of the department as well as the full-time staff, the decision for me was a no-brainer. My experience at the Student Center up until that point had already piqued my interest in student affairs, so I was thrilled when I realized my advertising internship credit requirement could be met within the realms of higher education.

So far, it’s been a lot of fun coming up with ways to market to the student population here at Temple. I work with a team of 15 other student workers to form the Student Center Marketing Committee, who I meet with regularly to brainstorm ways to promote the facility on campus. It’s also our job to host events that will drive traffic to our many service areas (the Game Room, the Reel, the Graphics Media Center, etc.)

You may have seen us on campus this semester during Ping Pong at the Bell Tower (bringing the Game Room to you) or during We Scream for Ice Cream (free ice cream to promote The Conjuring showing at the Reel). Perhaps you attended the 1st ever Student Center Wing Bowl and stood [nauseously] by while 12 contestants duked it out for the top prize, the champion title, and the glory.

I can’t express how much I’ve learned about myself as well as this organization in just 3 short months on the job, and I’m excited to see what I’ll be able to accomplish in the months to follow (oh yeah, did I mention this is a year-long position?) If we’ve gotten you into the Student Center during Fall 2013, we’re doing something right! Whatever you do, just don’t call it the SAC. My boss HATES that, but that’s a job for next semester!

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