Do’s and Dont’s of Interning

I’ve prepared a few “do’s and don’t’s” that I feel are important with all internships, but especially the fast-paced culture of a large agency like Tierney.

Hi there! My name is Toni Sichel and currently, I am serving as an Account Management Intern at Tierney Communications. Tierney is a marketing/PR agency located in a heavily populated area of Center City, 17th and Market. In my role, I support the Account Management and Strategy departments with day-to-day client related tasks including but not limited to: research, preparing work orders, creating decks and brainstorming.

Three internships later and I think it’s safe to say this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve definitely learned a lot along the way from observing myself, as well as other interns. We all have a large impact on the company as a whole.  I’ve prepared a few “do’s and don’t’s” that I feel are important with all internships, but especially the fast-paced culture of a large agency like Tierney.

DO: Be proactive

Walk around and ask employees if they need help with things, even if they aren’t in your department. Chances are someone is going to be swamped that day and could really use your help with something – this also makes you stand out among other interns.

DON’T: Sit and wait to be given work

Don’t be lazy. There is always work to be done and if you are sitting there just twiddling your thumbs, are you really getting the most out of your internship experience? Probably not. Make sure you are always checking with the people around you to see if they need help.

DO: Ask questions

I think this is something that a lot of interns are afraid to do due to the fear of seeming clueless. Employees WANT you to ask questions. Above all, you are here to learn. We are all college students gaining an education and just about all employees in your company have probably gone through the same thing.

DON’T: Hand in work you’re not confident about

If this was a full time job and your work was going to a client, you wouldn’t want to hand in anything less than your best work. This should be the same for intern projects. You are trying to put your best foot forward and prove that you are capable of picking things up and taking on responsibility. It’s always better to get things double checked before handing them in rather than handing in something that isn’t correct.

DO: Network

There are so many people working at companies with so many diverse backgrounds. It is important to branch out of your department and meet as many people as possible. Utilize LinkedIn, team meetings, and office gatherings to talk to people you do not normally talk to.

DON’T: Blend in

At pretty much all of the internships I’ve had, there has been at least more than one intern. It is important to make an impact on the company and employees in order to be noticed. Go out of your way to help people, be kind and respectful, and above all else – make it known that you take your job seriously. A little goes a long way and no matter what, you should always be putting your best foot forward!

I hope these tips helped anyone just starting out. I know it took me a while to get a hang of the intern life, but now, I feel well-versed enough to continue getting the most out of my intern experience!

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  1. Toni,

    Your perspective is extremely progressive! It’s good to have a proactive attitude when starting anything, but especially an internship. You’re there to do work, but you’re also there to learn, it helps when you do everything you can to facilitate that desire.

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