DVF’s Faceless Ads

The main objective of fashion ads, despite their general lack of a campaign-able storyline and body copy, is to make the consumer want to be that woman or man in the ad; covet what they have and become who they are. High-end designer Diane Von Furstenberg’s Spring 2012 ads take that concept to another level. As an “ode to surrealist paintings”, each ad features faceless models, with the thought in mind that the consumer will better be able to visualize themselves in whatever garments and accessories are shown in the print ad. In the bottom left corner reads, “Be the woman you want to be”.

This concept has the potential to have some very long legs (model pun not intended). The viewer is not distracted by the beauty of the model – while the empty face is certainly the first thing I noticed upon viewing the ad, it does allow the viewer to then focus on the clothing and bag, which pops against the neutral background. DVF is selling clothing to YOU. Though certainly in fashion ads often a model’s head is cropped out to show only the garments, this ad blatantly wants to communicate that you should be visualizing yourself  in this clothing. It’s an intelligent design decision, as this has not been done before in fashion ads. Not to mention, I’m willing to bet that down the line someone else will follow suit.

What do you think – is this too surreal or smart advertising?

Source: Fashionista

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