Entering The World of Non-Profit Community Outreach

Hello! My name is Eva Schenck, and I am a senior advertising student with a dual concentration in Art Direction and Copywriting here at Temple. In July of this year, I began a fellowship with Philadelphia Jewish Film and Media and Tribe 12, whereby I assist with event planning, social media content creation, and campaign ideation for the two organizations. I’ve worked with non-profit media organizations in the past, but taking a role as a fellow for these organizations has been chock-full of new experience and workplace dynamics!

Through my fellowship, I’ve learned a lot about the inner workings of nonprofits and how they function. Tribe 12, which is the organization that I work with primarily, relies mostly on donors for income, which makes for a unique work experience. I’ve been able to hone my presentation skills by presenting my own advertising and engagement ideas to Tribe 12’s primary donor directly. I feel that this is the most important skill I’ve practiced through the fellowship so far, and that it is transferable to nearly any other position I will hold in advertising in the future.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning more about community engagement and event planning. I think that I may want to focus on this in my career–it is a new concept to me, but I had a wonderful time learning about what goes into planning an advertising campaign and how to go about planning a small-scale event. I look forward to learning more about larger-scale event planning in the future.

While there has been quite a bit of focus on social media in my school work and other internships, I’ve learned the importance of social media specifically for use by non profit community outreach orgs. It’s an incredibly powerful tool for not only connecting with audience members, but also building trust and a voice for the company.

Overall, my experience with PJFM and Tribe 12 is incredibly enriching. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to work alongside the team, and I look forward to what is to come!

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