Events: Post-Planning Preparation

My name is Miranda  Krause and I am this Fall’s Community Relations intern at the NPR affiliate and non-profit, WHYY!

The projects I’ve helped with the most this semester have been centered around assisting with the planned events listed on the events calendar.  For example, there was an event planned around the Indie Lens Pop-Up Film Festival for the documentary Autism In Love. Once this educational documentary was announced to be premiering, I put together the event page so it could be registered and posted to events sites such as Eventbrite, PhillyWeekly, UWishUNu, TicketLeap, etc.

In doing this, I needed to only post the official copyrighted documentary description, provided to me from my adviser at WHYY. Since there were multiple screenings, I was in contact with the hosting coordinators who would then show the screenings. They each provided me the information I needed (time, location, etc.) to have the event pages posted and live a reasonable time away from the event to keep registration in mind.

This process helped me with communicating to strangers on a business level, customer service and gain the procedure information needed to have the finalized event details registered to gain awareness. It also made me more aware that the work when putting events together should be fifty/fifty effort from each end – there are no small parts and nothing should be left behind.

Below is an example of a page that was posted for the Autism In Love screening to be held in Philadelphia for the Pyramid Club. It was a success!

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