2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. We’ve all been graced with the phrases, “these unprecedented times,” “during all this uncertainty,” and more during the era of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the words following these phrases usually aren’t that great. My Fall ‘20 internship, along with many other students, was cancelled. 

After indulging in a small pity party for a week or two, I began the search all over again. I honestly wasn’t expecting anyone to get back to me, every submitted application felt like a shot in the dark. But luckily, a rare opportunity presented itself to me. I reached out to a local Philadelphia marketing agency, 215 Marketing, to see if they had any internship opportunities available.

In my initial email I detailed my skills and interests, and they actually ended up tailoring a specific internship track based on where my interests and their needs aligned. Since then I’ve gotten the opportunity to practice my strengths by creating custom graphics, proofreading and writing copy, and generating blog content. 215 Marketing has also taught me complementary skills like writing onsite SEO for web content, using Google Keyword Planner, and so much more. 

Overall, I’m really happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to work, learn, and grow at 215 Marketing. I am also really excited to have been able to plant my roots here in Philly. From the beginning of my search, I was very focused on working somewhere local so it’s been really nice to experience the process of a Philadelphia agency.  As a copywriter, I always envisioned myself strictly on the creative side of things, but it’s been very informative and fun to work with a team that is more business minded. Despite 2020 wreaking a havoc on just about everything, I see this internship with 215 Marketing as a silver lining.