Everybody drinks tea


Hello! I am pleased that you’ve taken the time to read this particular post. If you’ve forgotten or if this is your first time reading one of my posts, then let me (re-)introduce myself. My name is Deanna L Gormisky. The L is silent.

I am a copywriter who has been interning at Harris Tea Company in New Jersey. I would list their address and what-not, but they have already been featured in my other post. If you are not too busy, be sure to check that out, too.

Since I have been interning here, I’ve noticed something: everybody drinks tea. And it’s not due to the name of the company. It’s also not due to the product that they make. People genuinely enjoy tea. For whatever the reason, people enjoy tea. I’ve noticed that it could be due to a combination of what teas have to offer: the aromatic scents, the rich flavors, the health benefits, and the taste! There are so many things that could qualify.

Additionally, there are many teas to choose from—over 1,500 tea types, I believe. Tea is not limited to social status or location—it is a medium that can be enjoyed by everyone around the globe.

I have learned this and more at Harris Tea Company.

[Final blog post.]

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