It has been rewarding to work as an intern for Melissa Alam, of MelissaAlam.com.  In addition to owning her namesake core branding firm, Melissa is the founder of FearlessCon; the empowering social media voice behind Femme and Fortune, a Bumble Ambassador, amongst various other labor-related credentials she adorns.  Acknowledged with reverence by her peers and respectfully known throughout the community of creative professionals; Melissa’s reputation as a curator, brand strategist and designer are unmatched.  In true millennium fashion, this one woman showstopper is a trailblazer in the industry and learning from her is a bountiful and cherished opportunity. Melissa’s brand runs parallel in comparison to any fully staffed start-up company and she manages all aspects of her ever-growing business through applied knowledge, practicing self-discipline and remaining focused on her continued success. Being that Melissa is freelance, she has taught me how to hustle on my own.  When you are your own team, it is important to have strong relationships with other brands and companies to throw amazing events as she does so well. Whether it’s getting free event space, offering promotion for free food and drinks, booking amazing guest speakers/entertainers, and more!  Melissa has taught me that it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it and you can have anything when you know how to sell and brand yourself correctly. This wasn’t your typical social media internship where you just post and go.  Ms. Alam has taught everything from how to create a website, email blasts, event sites, Instagram aesthetics, hashtag usage, how to plan your Instagram feed, Instagram story designs… you name it! What I loved the most about this internship was how hands-on I was and how personal it was rather than working for a company.  Being able to participate in her events such as Study Hall and Fearless Con has allowed me to meet so many inspiring people in this field who are all very successful and have helped me grow in a major way!

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