FHB- Getting around.

Hi fellow bloggers,

I would like to let you all know about my positive experiences I am having down in beautiful Orlando Florida. First things first, I am working at my Fathers agency Fry Hammond Barr(FHB) this summer for the second time. The first time I was just shadowing and doing remedial tasks to just you know get my foot in the door. This summer I am joining in on the a lot of the different teams here at FHB such as the creative, and account teams. I have found that as of now I tend to like the creative aspects of the works rather than the “business” side. Then within the creative side I like to copywriting sect of the team. I like the art direction team but Im not really that skilled with the whole creative suite and really would like to be a part of the “big ideas” in the campaigns. This is why I am leaning toward the copy team because I see they are the ones that do the majority of the thinking up the campaigns.

My Summer Desk


In the picture is my desk for the  summer. Its in the office that my grandfather(one of the founders of FHB) once sat. This is pretty cool to me to think I am where it all started and I feel like I really want to continue the greatness.

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