Final Presentation is Tomorrow! On Edge.

We’ve been working for almost an entire semester to prepare for this presentation.  We’ve been working closely with Kensington CAPA students for about a month on the commercial, music track, and print ads and I’m still nervous.  The commercial/youtube clip/viral video is alright, but could be better.  The transitions are sloppy and the ending could be neater, but overall I’m happy with it.  I just hope that Philabundance, Shire’s and whoever else is judging our ad will look at it in more of a big picture sense than a final product, use our ads tomorrow, sense.

On a more sincere note, getting to know some of these kids has been a true blessing.  Several of them are obviously bright, but just need an extra push to get where they should be going (college, preferably).  After talking to them about their push to attain a higher education, it makes me appreciate where I come from and where I went to school even more.  Most of the kids say that no one is telling them about SAT dates or application submission deadlines.  It’s truly a shame if some of them don’t get in because they miss a deadline or forget to take the SAT, especially after seeing what they’re capable of doing.  I hope that our presence, as college students, had an impact on them.  I know a few students asked us some college questions, but I felt like the consensus coming from the class was that only a few would actually attend a university next fall.  I hope I’m wrong.

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