Finlandia Cheese

Throughout my semester as an intern at 102.9 WMGK FM, I have gotten to experience and be a part of many different aspects of the radio station, both in and out of office.  Today, however, I had an entirely new experience thanks to one of my co-workers and her client, Finlandia Cheese.

This morning, Finlandia sent a cooler filled with assorted cheeses to our MGK office so Debbi Calton, our mid-morning host, could sample their product on-air as the first of a series of endorsements they will be running on the station.

My task was to go to the grocery store and pick up breads, crackers, deli meats, fruits and condiments to accompany the cheeses and then create a series of tasty platters that would be sampled on-air and photographed.  I enjoyed this project because it gave me the opportunity to make a product come to life and see the starting point of an on-air endorsement.

As a copywriter, I have been told from day one that I can’t write about something I don’t know about; it’s important to become familiar with the product so I can give an honest testimony.  The same goes for on-air radio endorsements.  The radio jocks can’t and won’t speak about something they’ve never tried or know nothing about.  So, now that Debbi has tried and enjoyed Finlandia, she will continue to endorse them.

After Debbi completed her on-air endorsement, my platters were set-up in one of the studios so pictures of both Debbi with the food and just the food itself could be taken and sent to Finlandia (see below for one of the pictures).  After Finlandia received the pictures, they replied by saying they were very impressed with the set-up, which was a great compliment for me to receive after putting a decent amount of work into making the platters look appealing.  As my time at MGK will come to an end next Wednesday, I am happy that I had this opportunity today to help make my experience even more well-rounded.


Debbi Finlandia 2

Debbi Calton posing with the platters I made for Finlandia Cheese.

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