First day at TEEN VOGUE

It was May 29, 2012 when I walked into the doors of the Conde Nast building with dozens of other interns from various magazines. It didn’t feel like real life to me. I went to the front desk where I asked for my contact and was given a guest pass. When I arrived to the TEEN VOGUE floor, all that was in the lobby with a phone. I realized that I needed to contact the person when I arrived but her name was not on the extension list. It was almost surreal that I had to go about figuring this out, on the other hand, I knew that this is what my internship would entail… difficult tasks that I would encounter. I thrive off of things such as this. I knew right away that I would have a great summer.

After figuring that out I saw her in the doors with the other marketing intern and was let right in. We were given a tour of the office and met a lot of the girls. It reminded me a lot like Philly Magazine, where I spent my last two semesters interning, so right away I felt at ease. The back issue room was a lot more organized and less stressful. One of my first tasks was to gather past issues together and bring them downstairs to someone picking them up. Then I ventured around Time Square to find “Chop’t,” a salad place, to pick the girl’s up lunch.

The day moved by very quickly as I did tasks from changing the large TEEN VOGUE covers in the lobby, to returning a magazine in the Conde Nast library, to helping pick out pieces for the Sally Hansen nail polish ad. At the end of the day, the other intern and I were invited to a marketing meeting, where we were formally introduced. The entire marketing team was there and everyone was extremely welcoming. We were walked through how many ads were sold that week, along with other important information going on throughout the next few weeks. These status meetings are held every Monday.

I am so grateful to be an intern at such an amazing place, and cannot wait to continue my journey there this summer.

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