Five Things No One Tells You About Working in Digital Marketing

When I first started working as a Digital Marketing Intern for SEOM Interactive during the summer of 2023, I knew I was in for what would probably be the most hands-on learning experience of my life.

Hello, reader! My name is Liv Kincade, and I’m a Junior Advertising major on the Account Management track in Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. This Spring, I had the opportunity to return to SEOM Interactive as a Digital Marketing intern.

When I first started working for SEOM Interactive during the summer of 2023, I knew I was in for what would probably be the most hands-on learning experience of my life. Never in my entire academic career had I been able to work directly on projects with a team of professionals, who truly do digital marketing every day.

In fact, my knowledge of digital marketing was quite limited- I’d previously conducted the majority of my work in advertising and account management from behind (or in front of) a camera via social media. Now, after nearly two internship terms, I find myself ignited with a new passion for a part of the advertising industry I never thought I’d experience.

1. Communication is Everything.

Of course, you’d probably anticipate hearing this from someone who attends a school for communications. However, communication is genuinely the most important cog in the digital marketing machine. On the client side, being transparent and communicative is the key to fostering a collaborative relationship that goes above and beyond what they initially expect when purchasing one of our services. This allows us to provide the client with better, more personalized services. In terms of workplace communication, this is the foundation of your future network, but it’s also a way to make human connections in a very digital world. Most of my coworkers and fellow interns work 100% remotely, so active communication about work and play is a wonderful way to get closer to individuals you might not see daily, weekly, or even monthly.

2. Remain Curious.

Curiosity is a wonderful trait to possess and is of even higher importance within the world of digital marketing. Each of my coworkers has a unique perspective and special knowledge on different strategies, software, and AI advancements. However, you’ll only just scratch the surface of the gold mine of information if you don’t dig deeper. By asking questions, sitting in on calls, and participating in learning sessions, I’ve learned so much about the industry that I would never have known had I not asked. From different approaches to setting up client calls to the best practices when writing copy, asking questions is a simple way to gain new knowledge and hone your skills.

3. Your Team is There to Help.

I remember being hesitant to ask for help when I first joined the the SEOM team, despite being told repeatedly to ask for help when needed. Looking back on it, I think my main reason for this apprehension was due to my perfectionist tendencies- I never wanted to appear lost or confused. I now realize that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength instead. This shows that I’m willing to admit when I need help, preventing any errors from occurring while educating me on what to do differently in the future. This lessens the amount of work required for the whole team while teaching a valuable lesson.

4. Adapt… Quickly!

The world of digital marketing is always changing, and almost daily a new technology or methodology seems to emerge. It can feel overwhelming at times. The best way to tackle these ever-present changes is to adapt. I attempt to learn as much as I possibly can, pouring over articles and forums to keep up with these changes. Additionally, sharing this information with coworkers can help everyone stay on their toes. Finally, adapting quickly is all about perspective- never get too attached to one way to do things and always be open to new approaches. For example, our phone tracking software recently changed how we export our call logs, leading to a retraining session for interns (thank you, Melissa!). Keeping an open mind and being flexible will surely lead to success.

5. DON’T Be a One-Trick Pony.

The worst thing to do in any industry is to limit yourself, and this applies to the world of digital marketing. When I first joined the SEOM team, I thought my skills in Google Analytics and WordPress would be all that I relied on. However, I’ve found ways to integrate my other interests and skills into my everyday work at the company. My passion for account management led to the creation of a highly-organized running task tracker that informs my team of my current and future to-do’s. My knowledge of social media optimization helps me to brainstorm the perfect Meta tag for my next blog post. I’ve found a million ways to integrate my myriad, multifaceted interests into my daily tasks.

Hands-on experience in the world of digital marketing has led to the discovery of my passion for analytics, impactful client-company relationships, and working on a passionate team that feels like a family. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to extend my internship with SEOM Interactive for the summer term- who knows, maybe I’ll be back with five more tips in a couple months!

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