Forget Disaster… Disruption means SUCCESS

In most instances, disruption spells disaster but in the case of international advertising agency TBWA, disruption meant innovation. Innovation that would challenge conventional thinking and set precedence in the advertising industry.

Author and co-founder of TBWA, Jean- Marie Dru, discusses the concept of disruption in his book, How Disruption Brought Order. In it, he talks about the fairly unknown concept that allows companies to raise brand status and perception among their consumers while separating themselves from their competition.

Disruption is a catalyst for the imagination, a guide that opens up many paths, a method that allows us to turn perspectives inside out, a process that breathes new life into brands, an alternative to standard ways of thinking. In a word, Disruption is an agent of change.”- Jean Marie-Dru

TBWA has equippied many companies with the tools to successfully utilize disruption in their day-to-day activities and advertising campaigns. By identifying conventions, they allow clients to answer the question “How did we get here?”. In turn, sparking desire to change.

Disruption allows companies to stay ahead of the trends and produce timeless, quality work. Some successful clients include Playstaion, which used disruption to create the emotionally charged Double Life campaign. Below is a commercial from the award-winning campaign.

TBWA challeneged that [like movies] advertisements should tell a story. They were one of the first agencies to start producing and using viral videos in advertisement campaigns.  When they took on client Heineken, they produced a viral video for the “walk-in fridge” campaign. Below is one such video.

In all, disruption is “breaking with the status quo, refusing given wisdom, and finding unexpected solutions.” It changes and advances with time; allowing companies who conquer the concept to stay ahead of competitors and to produce innovative and creative work.

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