Free Tickets For Your Efforts


…So I’m sitting in the office busy doing work..and all of a sudden, Adam walks over and hands me a pair of tickets to Hershey Park!!!!

Have I mentioned I love the free perks at MayoSeitz? I’m still awaiting my 10-piece cookware set that should be coming in the mail, courtesy of a partner of MayoSeitz!

I know it sounds like a lot of freebies, but my brain has been working pretty hard so far this summer and I don’t see a problem with a little incentive….

Recently, I was brought onboard in the planning for a potential ONLINE pet retail client! This was my first crack at dealing with any ONLINE advertising. I had to learn how to read the online advertising reports via ComScore (a database I had never even heard of) as well as find contact information, and then contact ad sales representatives from networks and websites that we found from our research and wanted to RFP. Phew, did ya catch all that?

The online/interactive work was extremely difficult for me AT FIRST, but now things are making more sense and becoming easier.  I’ve barely learned anything about this ever-growing  department of the advertising business so far at college and therefore I came in completely clueless. Which made for a very uncomfortable one-on-one learning experience. However,  I made it through the awkward confusion and now it is all starting to make sense.

We are currently planning another client’s online advertising and I’m actually able to provide some helpful insights, now that I understand a bit more.  It is feels great to be out of the state of total confusion, although I’m sure I will be again on another project.

I’m constantly working on NEW and DIFERENT assignments, which keeps me on my toes and learning, even on days when I’m completely exhausted…( Mondays :/ )

Oftentimes I feel like a bother to everyone at the office because almost everything they ask me to do, they have to spend time explaining how to do it before I can help them.  However, I’m extremely lucky to be working with patient, understanding people who never mind showing me how to do something! Seriously, where else do you find a group of such great people?

My internship at MayoSeitz is TOTALLY worth the (sometimes) hour-long commute to and from in exchange for the wonderful experience its provided me, relationships, and random free gifts!

Oh..and the summer hours have kicked in!

Getting out at 2pm on Friday’s is perfect!

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