From Classroom to Real Life

Hey there Temple Advertising, this is Nicole and I’m a Junior on the Account Management track. This semester I have an internship at Brownstein Group as a Project Manager. I really enjoy it here a lot and PM is a great position to see all the different departments at an advertising agency. One thing I really like about being here is seeing everything we learned in the classroom applied to actual, real life situations. Remember that Advertising, Strategy and Positioning class we all had to take and write up briefs for? Well, those skills come in handy, because the management and creative teams both rely on those briefs! Remember those wireframes you learned in Interactive class? Yeah, the real advertising executives use them in the real world.  Sitting in on meetings, I am able to observe what kinds of questions the creative team have and what kind of answers the management people have for them. An internship allows you to see your homework assignments applied to  actual clients, a great experience!

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