From One Department to Another at SEOM Interactive

Hi there, welcome to my internship recap! If you’re interested in learning more about how to grow within your internship, you’re in the right place. For those who don’t know me, my name is Joyce Chen. I’m a Senior studying Advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research in Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication.

These past four years, none of my internships required me to work in three departments at the same time. Although it was a challenge at first, it taught me how to adjust to change. I feel like the hardest thing that students deal with is change. The purpose of this blog is to elaborate on how change is a process. I will be explaining my personal experience within each department that I worked in to show how they differ from each other, how I was able to adjust to each role, and how I was able to get real results.

Throughout these past two semesters, I’ve had the opportunity to work for the social team, email marketing team, and search engine optimization team at SEOM Interactive. I originally signed up for an SEO role but was offered to help with social media and email marketing because they needed an extra person to tackle their content. I never thought that I would learn as much as I did in the span of seven months. I learned that SEOM Interactive does more than sell clicks, they value quality over quantity. SEOM Interactive puts the interact in interactive, their digital marketing specialists understand the power of media and work with their clients to get the most profitable results.

To get clients, we need to be present when our audience is searching for us. During my time at SEOM Interactive, I’ve been assigned to a variety of tasks that kept clients engaged. Time after time, my colleagues and I have shown proven success in the amount of leads we gained.

As a contributor to the social team, I’ve been tasked to manage monthly content calendars for Facebook and Instagram. When I first started out it would take me forever to get the content calendars prepped and ready because I had to design multiple Canva graphics, change testimonials, upload them on a Google Drive, and switch out the franchise names. To make things easier for myself, I created all the graphics at once and placed them in individual folders, this increased my productivity and allowed me to work on other assignments for the email marketing and SEO department. When I’m lending a hand with the email marketing team, I’m responsible for crafting and archiving newsletters using EMMA, a website commonly used to build email campaigns. With EMMA, I’m also able to track things like how many emails are sent, how many emails are opened, the open rate, click rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, hard bounce, and soft bounce. Additionally, I create website pages, floating widgets, case studies, directories, blogs, update job posts/Google Business Profiles, and edit monthly reports on Google Analytics for the SEO team.

Even though I was tasked with many things, I did have my fair share of mistakes. I’ve had technical difficulties with some of the reports I made on Google Analytics and I’ve incorrectly linked things, but that didn’t discourage me. I think that a huge part in improving is realizing that mistakes happen. When an individual is willing to admit that they did something wrong and shows improvements the next time, they’ll see significant change. Change occurs when people put in the effort, that’s why I advise new and returning interns to never hold back from any questions they may have. It’s better to ask something to get more clarification than get it wrong later.  As I wrap up my internship and build a career out of search engine optimization, I want to express my sincere gratitude for my opportunity to be a social media, email marketing, and SEO intern at SEOM Interactive. Going from one internship position to another has made me more well-rounded, I was able to learn something new from a creative and analytical aspect. I’m excited to see how the things I learned at SEOM Interactive will serve as a stepping stone for my career. I hope that other interns will feel the same about their own internships as they get through college.

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