Fun in the City


Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to post for so long now. My laptop has been damaged for weeks and I’m breaking in my new one with a blog post 🙂 Currently I’m interning at NEST, which is more or less a hip child enrichment center/daycare. Sounds random, but I’m on their marketing team, and it’s a blast.

Being at NEST has shown me so many clever and fun marketing skills. Really, much of our advertising is through ourselves. Sure we hand out flyers, schedules, and discounts to customers at events or even when new members come into the center, but we go all around the city promoting NEST as well. What better way to show people what we’re all about then demonstration?

We like to do this thing called “Fun in the City with Mr. Brett” at least twice a month (Brett is one of the teachers). Each time we do this, we pick a different park in Philadelphia (usually one somewhat close by to NEST, last time we went to Franklin Square) to play songs for the kids and play games. This not only makes us well known to the surrounding public, but shows how fun we are and how much we care about our local families in the community! It’s a great form of advertising – who says ads have to be on paper or digital and not through ourselves?

NEST loves to get involved, and that’s why we’re always on the move. I attended so many Philly events on NEST’s behalf that I wouldn’t have otherwise. For the fourth of July, we set up a stand at the Wawa Welcome America Fest, and it was a blast! So many people, so many kids’ cheeks to paint and tattoo, and a lot of good food, too.

I love that NEST likes to put themselves out there. Sure I would love a complete graphic design position where I do tons of logos, flyers, emails, etc., but this is a close second. Nothing gets boring when you’re always on the move!

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