Getting With the Times; Integrating Digital

Whether you are happy about it or not, technology is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. It’s no surprise that the communications industries have attempted to lead the way in this transition. At Allied Integrated Marketing, where I’m currently serving as an intern, we combine advertising with publicity as well as promotions and PR. But, to remain true to the name “Integrated” we must now also account for digital.

When I arrived at our office in January we had an existing online presence. We had a Facebook and Twitter account same as every other Allied office nationally. I help manage these social media accounts and often am the content creator for the Philly specific pages. This has allowed me to be closely involved in all things digital.

Aside from typical social media marketing I have realized the high demand for a tool to discover social media influencers. This would be greatly beneficial in partnering with digitally influential people to execute lasting and impactful promotions and campaigns. Also, this would level the playing field for publicists who are not as tech savvy to accomplish their goals digitally and garner an ideal reach for each client. Essentially, it would allow for the “old school” employees to modernize their outdated, but still crucial interpersonal skills.

I was not told exactly when this happened but Allied began partnering with a digital agency based out of NYC and LA, 87AM. The goal was to eventually obtain this magical social media influencer tool as well as ensure we are positively represented in all digital aspects. My boss has been responsible for integrating these new digital tools into everyday practice for the national agency. As a result he was promoted to vice president of the Philly branch.

Recently, the initial “magical influencer” tool was released. Known as the 87AM Dashboard enabling keyword searches in specific markets, which returns data results compiled from website coding. Popular Facebook pages and blogs are examples. It is far from perfect, but it has been really cool and beneficial to be a part of this transition. From the early stages I realized the need for a tool like this and have been very much a part of the process of making it a reality. I helped organize the recommendations of main functions for the dashboard as well as compiled feedback from offices nationally to help improve the functionality. I am excited to see the progress made on the dashboard by the time my internship is complete.





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