Good-Bye to the B!

After a semester of interning at B101, the end is here. It seems appropriate to end at B101 during the Christmas Season. Though, I will miss the people I have met through this internship, I think what I realized from this experience the most is what I don’t want to do, which I find to be equally as important as doing things you enjoy. To be quite honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after school. (Terrible, I know) I figured I could adapt to anything really. However, from my experience at B101, I now understand that the 9-5 office life is not something that is suitable for me. During my internship, I helped out with many projects including contests held by the station, fundraisers, sales books, and even reaching out to listeners. After awhile it all felt very mundane. I started to get really tired of going to the same location everyday to typically do the same tasks. I think this was a very important realization for me. We learn more from our failures than we do from our success. Maybe B101 wasn’t the right fit for me, but had I never done it, I would have never known that. I think it is extremely important that we don’t just settle for a job. Don’t settle for the money. Don’t settle because you’re comfortable. Find something that you can be passionate about and stick with it. Sure, maybe that means having to endure some things you don’t enjoy, but how will you ever find what you do if you don’t experience as much as possible. From this internship I learned a lot about how radio stations operate but most importantly, I learned how I operate best and that is more valuable to me than any line on a resume.


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