Goodbye Tierney

In two weeks my internship at Tierney will be over. If you asked me freshman year if I would ever get the chance to intern at my dream agency I would have told you no. Now, after one year of interning I am nothing but grateful. Interning at Tierney has given me a newfound appreciate for the advertising industry and helped me develop many necessary skills to prepare me for my future career.

I came into my internship in January with very little practical knowledge about the advertising industry. I had taken a ton of advertising classes but didn’t understand how the process actually worked. Tierney provided me with a complete overview of the advertising process from conception to execution. I was able to see how every department in the agency had a vital role to play in the creation of any ad.

I was in the research track at Temple but I didn’t really understand how research and strategy fit into the campaign process. As a Strategy Intern I got the chance to do relevant secondary research for a ton of awesome clients. I got to take findings and insights from that research and use it to help form strategies. I learned that research is perhaps the most important part of the advertising process because if we don’t know what consumers’ behaviors and values are then the marketing communications can be inaccurate and unfocused.

I’m grateful for the chance to have interned at an amazing agency and learned from some of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met. No matter where I go in my advertising career I will always be glad I got my start at Tierney.

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