Group Projects in the Real World

In my personal experiences, college students do not like doing group work. I personally do not mind it, but it seems like college students are so busy these days. The fact of the matter is getting experience working as a team in college is the best possible warm up for the real world.

The BQ golf academy opened up my eyes to how small businesses work. At this golf academy there are about five employees, six if you count me. We are one big team and everyone has their role. If one person does not do their part, it causes a problem for everyone. Luckily, the people working at the BQ Golf Academy do their part which has made interning there a great experience.

If I have any advice to give to my fellow students, be open to doing group work. Especially to my fellow copywriters, we are always on a team. I have been lucky enough to be the copywriter for a BQ Golf Academy print ad that was in the April edition of the Golf Association of Philadelphia magazine. I had to work with my supervisor, the owner, graphic designer, and editors of the magazine to while making this print ad. It was somewhat like college in the sense that everyone was busy and it was tough for all of us to meet face to face, but we got it done. Everybody did their part, which is why this print ad went out without any problems and was a success.

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