Halloween at Cities2night.

I have been interning at Cities2night for about a little over a month and we just successfully completed our big promotional event for Halloween. The event was a scavenger hunt and it took place at  8 different bars on South St with a grand prize of a gift certificate for $250 . It seems like something pretty basic but  alot of time, effort and hard work went into making this event happen. We had to call venues, get into contact with the company Scvnger, who is the leader in scavenger hunts apps for your cell phone, we had to print flyers and poster and most importantly we had to promote, promote and promote some more via facebook, twitter, etc. The entire staff and interns have been quite busy preparing for this event. At the event even though the cities2night staff was in charge the interns were in control of what was to happen that night. We had to setup,  hang clues and flyers. We also had to sign-in and register everyone who was playing. The event was successful but at times it was chaotic, especially  dealing with people who might had too much to drink that night at the bar. I liked the fact that the interns including myself were in control of the event rather than just taking orders. You are able to notice every detail which makes you push for perfection. This experience overall has taught me that even the smallest of projects or events require a huge amount of attention.  I one day may want to find a career in event planning or event marketing and I realize that to have a successful event it takes a very strong and hardworking team on your side to make everything happen. You definitely can not accomplish much on your own especially when planing something for hundreds of people or maybe even more.

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