Hard work is a Skill

During my time here at PDQ, I have worked along side one of the most efficient designers I have ever met. Her name is Ravi, and I never met such a hardworking, determined person in my life. She taught herself how to work the Adobe suite over the years without any classes. The way she works may be a little different from other designers, but the work comes out as good as any professional out there. When given a job, she beats the deadline every time. I say this with confidence because there are days where she continues to work after store hours, even bringing jobs home at night to insure that they will be done by the next morning. Working in a place like this taught me to be very independent and very hardworking. This style of work is exactly what I expected from a print shop, but one person doing all that work is truly amazing. The hard work rubs off on me, I don’t mind putting in extra time or hours to make sure a job is completed before the deadline.

We always learn about how important deadlines are. It’s so repetitious in the way we are told this throughout our schooling. Now that I work with customers first hand, I began to realize everybody seems to need their job done yesterday. They don’t care about what else is going on in the shop. When they need their product it is up to us to satisfy the customer. Just like most industries out there, if the customer is unhappy they simply take their business elsewhere. Being efficient is one of the most important things I learned thus far.

I’ve enjoyed my time interning here, learning real life lessons of things that are soon to come.


7 Golden Rules of Internship Etiquette

-This link is about the 7 golden rules to advertising. I thought it was quite funny how true the information is. This may be a little bit helpful to those who are not quite sure what a real job would be like.

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