Here at Love Park

My job has focused on creating print promotional material primary for Love Park, where the department is located and also digital media, updating their facebook account and working on their new website. I really never associated the city of Philadelphia with advertising or design work, but this internship has revealed just how much advertising and visual design play a role in almost all businesses, even the city. Philadelphia is unique in that we have the largest network of city parks in the country, so there is always plenty of work to be done promoting events and creating maximum exposure for Fairmount Park. My work did not focus entirely on designing ads, obsessing over layout and fonts, which would have been easier for me to do. I was pushed to go beyond my comfort zone and interact in other areas of the department, being involved in every aspect was greatly encouraged. I got to see how to juggle vendors for events, to making sure there is all the necessary paperwork for zoning requirements to negotiating and working with other departments within the city or other marketing companies. This real life lesson became one of the best thing I could take away from this experience.

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