I have been interning in the account management department of Tierney for just about three months now, and I must say that the experience is everything I imagined it would be. I came into this internship looking to get a feel for the agency environment and to solidify my belief that I would fit best in the account services department within that environment. I am a little over half-way finished my internship here, but both of those things have already happened for me.
Tierney is a large, full-service advertising agency, with departments such as account services, media, creative, PR, production, traffic, and more. Working here, I have really gotten a sense for how work flows through an agency, and what my role as an account executive one day is going to be within that cycle. I have also gotten a sense of not only the different job types there are in an agency, but of the different personality types there are as well. That being said, I am confident that because of my natural tendency towards leading others and organization as well as my strong customer service and people skills, high energy levels and ability to multi-task, I will be most successful in account services. On that same hand, I would hope that day I will eventually be able to transition from a senior account executive to some sort of a cross between an account supervisor and strategic planner, as some of the upper level managers and VP’s here have managed to do.
Thus far, I must say that my favorite part of working for Tierney has been seeing or hearing ads that I helped work on out in their actual media being run. It is so cool to see the final products and to be able to appreciate all of the planning and strategizing and production and hard work all around that has gone into them! Some advertising that you all may be familiar with that Tierney does and that I have helped out on includes that of PECO, TD Bank and Independence Blue Cross.