Hey! I wrote that!

The day had finally come. I was asked to do some writing for Brian Communications. Needless to say, I was beyond excited and now had an opportunity to show them my skills. Or so I thought…

I was given the assignment of writing up a short bio on the company that would act as the back of a handout for an upcoming career fair. I thought, “cool, I’ll be speaking for the company.” I had about an hour left in the day so I began drafting the copy right away. I looked on our site for the type of language we used, referenced older written examples for our clients and got a complete sense for our brand. Things were going great.

During this whole process, I would periodically check in with one of our art directors and make sure I was on the right track. She said things were off to a good start so I dove right in. Ultimately, the final product would be about 2 short paragraphs in length. It summed up our brand, spoke to our style and introduced the reader to how the company worked.

I sent the finalized pieced to the art director and we made a few tweaks together. Nothing major (thank god). I went home that night feeling very accomplished and couldn’t wait for someone to pick up and read what I had written at the career fair. That day would never come. About two weeks later I had asked if I could receive a copy of the finalized work for my portfolio and got bad news. We ended up getting very busy with another more important project and had missed the deadline. I was bummed, but sometimes things like this happen.

The good news is, after this initial opportunity to show my writing skills, I was asked to do a lot more writing. I now considered that my “audition” piece. Apparently, they liked what they saw and I’m glad I had that chance.

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