Hit The Ground Running

ChargeItSpot is Philadelphia start-up that provides phone-charging stations to high scale retailers, casinos, restaurants, hospitals, universities and venues. They also utilize their the outer shell of their charging kiosks as an innovative advertising platform, in which brands can sponsor the units and place them in public, high traveled areas.

When I joined the team I had no idea what to expect. I walked in on my first day and was brought up to date about a conference they were attending the very next week. For the conference, they wanted to revamp their informational and visual assets to present at the event. My first task was to design a 7ft banner and a pamphlet and get these assets approved and printed within the timeline of a week. With such a tight deadline, there was no time to waste. I immediately got to work to make it happen. While it was a crazy first week, I wouldn’t of had it any other way. I wasn’t expecting to get such a large task upon walking in the door my first day, but it set the pace for the rest of my internship and made me love the culture and environment of a start-up right off the bat.

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