Horrible Bosses 2 with my NOT Horrible Boss

I am Hannah Clough, a senior in the copywriting track working as a publicity and promotions intern with Allied Integrated Marketing. I primarily worked on the Warner Brothers account. The project I spent the most time on was Horrible Bosses 2. It was “my baby.” For the previous film, Annabelle, I planned a few events, but my involvement wasn’t nearly as extensive as it was in Horrible Bosses 2. We planned several events where reps from our company “street teamed” (aka handed out mini posters to spread the word). In addition to those more generic events, we had a few special events, too. We held an open mic boss roast at a comedy club where people could playfully roast their own horrible boss for Horrible Bosses 2 swag.

That event was pretty successful, but my pride and joy was the social media influencers happy hour and screening. I planned and executed the event from start to finish. I researched top Twitter users and reached out to them. (Which took quite some time :P)  I choose the location and took care of scheduling and choosing signature drinks (The MF Jones and The Naughty Dentist). I am proud to report that 120 people attended the happy hour, which I am told is double the normal number. With all of their followers, our reach was over 400,000 Twitter users. The hashtags we provided even started trending at one point! We encouraged people to tweet throughout the night by offering free drinks for the best tweets at the happy hour and a $200 Visa gift card for the top tweeter of the night. It was so exciting to see all of my hard work come together. Jesse had me share the “story of my success” with all of the full timers to give them inspiration to move into the digital age.

The film came out last Wednesday, and I feel a little sad to leave the project behind. It really did feel like my child! But this week we are starting on the final installment of the Hobbit trilogy, so that should be a lot of fun! We are also working with the Borgata and the Cherry Hill Mall to sell gift cards. Working as a sales person is really forcing me out of my shell, so that is just another way that I am learning and growing in this position.

I have had such a fantastic experience at this internship. I constantly had something to do and I really enjoyed having extensive responsibilities. I enjoyed it so much so that I plan on coming back in the spring after graduation. I sincerely hope that I can turn my experiences into a full time job with the company, even if it isn’t in the Philadelphia office. I have felt so appreciated here and I had so much responsibility. I didn’t feel like just an intern. I felt respected and trusted, which has been an awesome feeling.


(Below are pictures of the happy hour/screenshots of some of the social media engagements)

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  1. Way to go! I am also a senior copywriting student, and I would definitely be interested in doing something like what you did. It looks like you were really involved at your internship, which is awesome. Were you primarily working by yourself throughout the internship, or was there any collaboration with other staff or interns?

    • I have had an awesome experience. Since my boss is the director of the office, he was pretty busy, so I did a decent amount of work on my own. His two junior publicists helped out sometimes and I occasionally worked with other interns. I liked the challenge of having to do most of it on my own, though!

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