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It is such a happy experience to intern with the noted fashion designer Mr. Zang Toi who based in New York City.
Let me introduce Zang Toi briefly to everyone. He is the first Asian designer discovered by Anna Wintour back in 1990 and has been in the industry for more than 20 years until today.


My intern experience in House of Toi has been very delightful, interesting and fun. More to that I also get to discover New York City as a foreigner in this country. Other than working in his atelier, Mr. Toi likes us to join him for various activities outside of the office. Sometimes we shop on the street on garment district to look for buttons and fabric or we would visit flower district to pick up fresh lowers for an event that we hosted. Personally I enjoyed the flower district a lot and it was breathtaking to see all the fresh blooming flowers in one place.


On July 21st,  House of Toi participated in a small scale fashion show in Hudson Park, Harlem in favor of a business partner for a charity event. That was sort of a little backstage experience that I gained from casting models, dressing and fitting them along with set and scene coordinating. We hired two models who were the winners of Vietnamese Next Top Model and they are uniquely stunning!

One of my tasks is to organize press that covers Zang Toi. We have to find the news and turn them into a particular united format, make copies and nicely arrange them into press kit folders. It is one of the documents that we would like to display to our clients and also be uploaded onto our website.

Recently, House of Toi has given the interns an opportunity to receive a “Fashion GPS” training in the IMG building. We are objected to learn about a software that IMG created to help every designers invite, organize and arrange their fashion show during the fashion week. It was almost surreal for me to step into the office of IMG, to visit the company that manage the world’s class entertainment events involving premier fashion shows, sports and publishing. The  sudden thoughts of interning in IMG appears and that could be exciting.

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