I Got My First Internship During a Global Pandemic!

Landing My First Ever Internship During a Global Pandemic!

Landing an internship with Philly PR Girl as their Graphic Design Assistant has been truly amazing for me. I remember back in March when lockdown was first put into place being stressed on how I was going to land an internship and if they were going to still be running.

During the mists of the pandemic, I decided to use my love for art and social media as an outlet to help keep my mental health more positive. I have been spending all of my free time creating and selling custom illustrations on Instagram from my art account @jamiesillustrations. A friend informed me Philly PR Girl was lookin for a Graphic Design Intern, and I applied immediately. Within a week I received a follow up email to set up a zoom interview, where I landed the job.

This art account of mine I made on a whim, has helped me take the skills I learned on my own by using my down time to become the best I could be at graphic design and use them at my internship to create similar and more professional content throughout my internship for Philly PR Girl.

As a creative, over the past year I have gotten more serious into making YouTube videos. I have a channel with 500+ subscribers. I film all of the footage on my phone, upload them to my MacBook and edit it in iMovie. From already having these skills, it has allowed me to easily add on to my graphic design position and when being asked to also be in charge of Philly PR Girl’s Tik Tok account, I immediately could accept since I had experience in video editing and could add more onto my plate allowing me to get more out of my experience and tome with Philly PR Girl.

I am still hoping to get into the office at some point when it is safe before my time at Philly PR Girl ends, to finally meet everyone and work in a more professional setting and get more of a “internship feel” experience instead of being in my childhood bedroom and doing everything remotely.

Philly PR Girl is a great fit for me and I hope more comes out of this experience for me. I would love to continue working for Kate and see how far we can go together while both helping each other and growing not only ourselves but the brand and their clients too.

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