I Heart Logos: A truly unique (and amazing) design competition

I heart logos season two has just begun. This is the only design competition of its kind. Anyone can submit. ($10 submission fee per logo entry). You can submit as many as you’d like. And the submission period goes until August 31, 2011.

After the submission period ends, the voting begins.  There aren’t ‘famous judges’ in this competition. Anyone who joins the “I heart logos” community can vote and/or submit a logo design. The design world’s voice will be the one who will choose the winning logos in this competition. All designs have to stand on their own merit. No name, design firm, agency will be attached to the design. No one can be swayed by one’s reputation in this competition.

I simply love it.

Important dates to remember.

10.01.10 – Season 2 begins
10.07.10 – Season 1 winners announced
12.10.10 – Season 1 book ships to buyers
08.31.11 – Season 2 submissions end
09.01.11 – Season 2 voting beings
09.30.11 – Season 2 voting ends
10.01.11 – Season 3 begins
10.07.11 – Season 2 winners announced
12.10.11 – Season 2 book ships to buyers

What do you win??? Great question.

You win respect. And the winning designs (ones receiving the highest amount of votes) are published in a book at the end of the voting period.

The book is printed in a  limited edition of 1000. I purchases the Season 1 book. It’s on its way…I am looking forward to its arrival. You can see some of last years’ winners in the I heart logos blog.

Season One Book for I heart logos

There are rumors that if you order Season One book ($25), you get a free entry in Season Two (value of $10). When I have confirmed this, I’ll let you know!

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