I wear many intern hats

I wear many intern hats here at Quaker City Mercantile. As I’ve stated before, everyday is different here at the agency. I’ve recently been trusted to proofread various pieces we are going to send out to our clients. For example, one client of ours is TYR (the swim company) and I was asked to proofread the magazine we would present to the client. It was very interesting reading through the magazine since I got to learn about all the different styles of goggles from Aquasockets to Hydrospex. This is what I love about advertising. You are able to learn about and become expert on so many different things based on your clients.

Another day on the job I was able to put my crafty-side to work. Quaker City’s store Art In the Age attends numerous events where they showcase their products. At these events, tables are set up with canvas that has our logo on it as well as props on the table to make it appealing. One day I spent my time putting together various press boxes filled with individual spices, honey, and pamphlets. I also wrapped fabric around these small wooden boxes where the spices would be housed during the event. It was relaxing getting these press boxes together, as well as informative. It showed me the thoughtfulness that goes into the props we bring to events as well as the meaning. For example, the meaning of the spices is to illustrate how the two liquors Art In The Age owns are made from herbs and spices. I enjoy using my crafty side and will take on any task that allows me to do so.

One day my internship boss asked me to organize the cabinet located next to her desk. She asked me to go into the storage area to find boxes to separate the clutter in the cabinet. I imagined the storage area to have cob webs and spiders but it was actually very interesting. The room was filled with all this extra memorabilia and merchandise. From shirts to shot glasses to huge cardboard cut outs of pin-up girls, you name it it was in this storage room. It was cool to learn about past events Quaker City had done based off of what I found in the storage room. My internship boss even let me take home one of the dozens of shirts left up there. What I thought would be a boring day organizing, turned into an interesting excursion around the storage room.

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