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I am a senior Advertising major at Temple University with a concentration in Account Management. I started to work as an intern at Ignite2x in June of 2018, in an Account Support role.  Ignite2x is a full-service advertising agency located in Allentown, PA.  Working at Ignite2x has provided me with valuable skills to succeed in the business world as well as intangible life skills that I can use forever.

Throughout my internship, I had three goals.  One, to achieve a better understanding of the advertising industry.  Two, become more familiar with any software that is used.  And third, to become more confident in my abilities to understand the clients’ goals and be able to exceed those goals.  I can proudly say that I believe that I have accomplished all of these goals throughout my internship.

Throughout my time at Ignite 2x, I have learned how a full-service advertising agency operates on a day to to day basis as well as work with their long term goals as a business. I have been able to attend client meetings, work with a variety of influencers and ambassadors, learn how to use many different software programs, and enhance my ability to analyze data and read reports.

During my time, I learned that I have a passion for looking at and analyzing data and looking at trends. I believe that this is a very important skill to have because of the way that our world is evolving and technology is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives.  As soon as I realized this, I became much more confident about what direction my future career would follow and path I would take.

Not only did I learn specific skills in the workplace, I learned more from the people that I worked with.  From the coworkers that I worked with the most, to those that I did not work with at all, I learned how to be a better coworker as well as a better person.

When I first started my internship, I was not really sure what to expect.  I had learned about advertising agencies in classes, but they were generally the world-renowned massive agencies. While working in a smaller, but incredibly talented, agency opened my eyes to the world of advertising and what it really consists of.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Ignite2x, and would highly recommend anyone looking for an internship to reach out and learn more about this great company.


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