I’m interning at an agency called Cohere, an agency unique for its mission of improving cities through the power of design. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a number of different location-based projects, which is very different from the work I’ve done before. I designed trade show booths for the Alexandria Economic Development Partnership in Northern Virginia, worked on branding for a retail and residential space called William’s Crossing in Newark, Delaware, and helped maintain a variety of restaurant brands in Philadelphia.

Realizing just how much work goes into designing something as deceptively simple as branding for an office building or updating a restaurant’s website, I have a much greater appreciation for the design I see all around me. Individual restaurants or apartment buildings may seem small in comparison to an entire city, but these are the building blocks of community. I love the city of Philadelphia, and I’m proud to do my small part in making it a great place to live. By working with spaces where people live, work, and eat, I’ve begun to realize just how the power of design can push a city to grow and thrive. 

Image created in collaboration with Cohere design team.