Independence and Music, for Me

With the summer dwindling down, the days at Phillybass’d have been becoming longer with project deadlines quickly approaching. Wrapping up all of these projects before the beginning of the new semester has been challenging due to everyone’s individual jobs. We are all to complete one stage of the project, finalize or part, then add it collectively to the drop box to pull the whole project together. What makes this so difficult is that all the interns are never in the office all at once, so there have been issues with communication and organizational efforts for the projects.


What these remaining weeks here have been teaching me is a lot of self-discipline. Sometimes, since you cannot depend on others to pull their designated part of the project, you as an individual have to go above and beyond the expectations and instructions to have a thorough and complete piece of work. Through my individual experience with Phillybass’d I have always done my work accordingly and focused to make my work flexible with all other aspects of the project. So when completing my leg of the project, I continue to sit down and look at the big picture. What did I think would be important to include? Could a topic use more research and data behind it? It served as a secondary list of information we could collectively utilize if needed, and in some cases we did.

Me personally, I am always thinking ahead. So when a project or assignment is underway I write down ideas and look up information on the side for future inspiration. We never know what to expect in the office, the entertainment and music industry is a tough field to compete in, so thinking ahead is a necessary to do. This method leaves me with a book of alternative routes and approaches we could take to a project, all it takes is one little idea, or chicken scratch of a note to snowball into something bigger. This work environment has conditioned me to be an individual and take charge of assignments for the best results.

Through this internship I have solely been able to depend on myself. I did not need a teacher or a higher authority instructing me on what to do. My bosses would explain the task at hand, and I would go off and complete it. I know how to produce the type of work they want and can follow the process and flow of work through my own hands. I feel as if I have become a self-starter since becoming an intern here. I take projects and make progression happen.


This business has positively affected my life. It gave me a better outlook on the aspect of work, and has made me become involved with a number of other different programs involved around the musical community. Phillybass’d has made me break out of a shell that has been restricting me for the past 3 years. For so long I was terrified of getting an internship, but though this experience I feel that I can communicate and network easier, in hopes to land another intern position in the future. I am ready for what’s next, and can see more doors opening each day I walk into the office.

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