Inspiration can come from anywhere

While working at Allied Integrating Marketing as an intern, I have certainly found few special people that have inspired me in a variety of ways. It is always very interesting to see the different types of people that are out there when you are forced into an environment full of people that you didn’t have a choice in being around and wouldn’t necessarily befriend them outside of work…almost like your family.

Of course in every group project, classroom setting, or work environment, there is bound to be a person or two that you simply do not care for or work well with but the upside of this is that you’re also likely to meet people who you thought never could make such a positive impact on your life.

From Allied I have connected with a couple of people that have opened my eyes in ways that I did not expect but fully appreciate. I will leave the two ladies nameless however I will certainly describe how they have inspired me.

The first person I would like to recognize is another intern at Allied. We were stuck together on the first day and I wasn’t entirely sure I was happy about that. At first she didn’t seem like someone with a good work ethic nor did she seem like the type of gal I would get along with. Boy was I wrong. She has an awesome work ethic and ultimately she just gets things done! She is very inspiring to me because we all have days where we are a bit frustrated about things and or have a large workload or anything you can think of that would ruin your day…but she never lets anyone ruin her day. Not the work, not the crazy requests we always get, not anything. It is really amazing to see that in someone. It has taught me to rethink the way I react to things and people. I have to remember that this is my day and my mood, nothing and no one can deprive me of my own happiness and gratefulness.

This next woman is truly amazing. She is a full timer at Allied Integrated Marketing and has been there for longer than I have been alive. She is very inspiring due to her determination to get things done while also taking crap from nobody! It’s incredible watching her work her magic and see the things that she does and pulls off. She is very good at what she does and even when the job is done it is almost a given that she will go the extra mile for the client or a friend in the business. She is a very strong, hard-working woman and she always is happy to be doing her job. It is such an inspiration to see someone so successful at what they do and loving what they do every day.

I can’t imagine the office without these two ladies. They have truly allowed me to gain a better sense of who I want to be and how to accomplish that.

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