Inspired by Trap Door Athletics

As I began my internship workign with Trap Door Athletics 10 weeks ago, I felt a bit uncertain in my decision as it would be my second internship working within the fitness industry. With a hope to see myself in the fashion industry at some point in my career, I was doubting my decision to take on another learning experience outside of that realm. Today, I am grateful for my decision to choose this specific internship as I learned it is never to late to change your mind. The women I work under are professional, down to earth, enthusiastic and inspirational. Cassie Haynes (co-founder of Trap Door) has taught me more about my future career plans, and the importance of  following your heart in choosing an industry that best suites you and makes you happy EVERYDAY. As a former lawyer, she has made a drastic shift in her career path, and is now an extremely recognized and respected trainer at CrossFit Center City, in addition to her most recent task, co-founding Trap Door.

Working with the Co-Founders of this company has been much different than any other experience I have had, as they are a brand new company with little experience. Instead of being instructed and told of things to do, I was encouraged to provide my input and ideas as much as possible. Our meetings were relaxed and very comfortable, unlike many internships, which I believe helped us communicate extremely well. They enjoyed bouncing ideas off of me before they were set in stone, making me feel as a part of the company, motivating me to produce the best work I was capable of. As a result, I worked extremely hard to help Trap Door set up events in the most strategic and creative way, as I truly want the best for them.

I have become much more relaxed at not knowing where I may be 5 or 10 years form now, something that has always given me anxiety. In the past few weeks, I have witnessed that nothing is set in stone, and that life gives you surprises that alter your direction. You must accept the changes thrown at you, and learn to adjust your plans as a result. Most importantly, I have learned that despite the amount of time and efforts you  have put into your current career, it’s never too late to change, as every opportunity you are given leaves you with something new learned.

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